Parking Tips

The following are a few quick tips to keep in mind when you park your car at any garage/lot.

» Always make sure that you receive a claim ticket and that the information printed on the stub matches your car information as well as the current date. Your claim ticket is what will link you to your vehicle so it is important that the information listed is correct.
» Always ask for a receipt.

» Remember that SUV’s (over-sized vehicle) can and will incur an additional surcharge.

» When an Event rate is posted and in effect the rate will apply to all patrons.

» Remember that once you leave the premise of the facility you may not return and claim a damage. All damage claims must be made prior to the customer and their vehicle vacating the premise.

» All rates posted have been registered with consumer affairs. Enterprise Parking Systems does not guarantee the rates posted by other websites. If you have been quoted an incorrect price please contact the website responsible for the quote. If you have been quoted at a rate it is best to call Enterprise Parking Systems to verify the correct price.